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At WooHoo Natural we believe in creating the best supplements, ginseng, and nutritional products that nature has to offer. With over 20 years in the industry and a passion for better health we started WooHoo Natural in 2010. We began sourcing and selling incredible American ginseng under our WoHo Ginseng line and shortly after created our line of nutritional supplements, creamed honeys, and other health foods. Providing the best product at affordable prices is the reason we started WooHoo Natural and once you try them we think you'll love them as much as we do!

American ginseng has been used for centuries by traditional herbalists for it's medicinal and stress relieving properties. We began the WoHo American Ginseng line because we saw a lack of connection between the customer and the farmer. We process, sort, and package all of our ginseng in house to ensure you only receive the most excellent product possible. The gift box's and variety packs we carry make great presents for loved ones and are a fantastic way to try different types of ginseng.

The WooHoo Natural line of supplements are developed by leading researchers and created to provide unrivaled support at the best possible prices. In 2011 we started with our Joint Flex supplement which was the first joint support product with collagen, and soon moved on to a whole line of quality nutritional supplements. We were the first providers of creamed honey with maca and ginseng, and are always looking to produce new and exciting products. From nutritional supplements to health foods we have the best products for the best price.

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